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New In The Series

Jacqueline's Second Book

Award Winning-

Fireball Fox Saves The Forest

"Our panel of judges really felt this book merited a place on our list of the best in family-friendly products that parents and educators can feel confident in using. Beautiful images and a charming story tell how the amazing and incredible Fireball Fox Saves The Forest."

Dawn Matheson, CEO, Mom's Choice Awards-

Gold Award Winner


book for all ages!
(especially those between 2-8 years old)


“I felt as if I were a child when I read your words to my Grandson, and cried like a baby reading the book! Thank you so much for making my day. I’m feeling the Magic.” 

- Heidi Livingston Scott 


"It's truly lovely. The story is so powerful and more relevant than ever. But it's the mountain lion I just melt over. "

-Emma Channing


Jacqueline's First Book
In The Series

The Magic Of The Forest:

A Tale of Kindness, Friendship and Courage.

A little boy with a kind heart listened to the words of his wise grandmother. She taught him that if he trusted and listened to the forest, it would reveal great surprises. When he meets a beautiful little bird, he knows the forest has sent him a secret friend. But the little bird is clearly lost...

SHIPS FROM: Colorado, USA  $19.95

book for all ages (especially those between 2-8 years old)


  New Arrival!  

Fireball Fox Plushy

Fireball Fox has arrived! He is an 8" fluffy forest friend with a really fun hang tag.  Perfect matching gift for either book!  $16.99


  New Arrival!  

Laythe the Lion Plushy

The mighty Laythe who watches over all, in his wild kingdom, is loved by many in both books. Cute 8" stuffed plushy. $16.99


  New Arrival!  

Finlee Fox Plushy

Finlee Fox helps Fireball Fox try to save the forest! Finlee is an 8" fluffynstuffy that is in the book 'Fireball Fox Saves The Forest'  $16.99

Ernie Elk Wild Republic_edited.png

  New Arrival!  

Ernie the Elk Plushy

Ernie The Elk bugles his call for help to all of the forest friends. Ernie is an 8" fun furry brave friend enjoyed in both books. $16.99


  New Arrival!  

Mel the Moose Plushy

Mel The Moose is an 8" super soft, cuddly, forest friend. $16.99

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