The Magic
of the Forest

A Tale of Kindness, Friendship and Courage

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New! From International Award Winning Colorado Author and Photographer-Jacqueline Crivello

The Magic Of The Forest: A Tale of Kindness, Friendship and Courage

A little boy with a kind heart listened to the words of his wise grandmother. She taught him that if he trusted and listened to the forest, it would reveal great surprises. When he meets a beautiful little bird, he knows the forest has sent him a secret friend. But the little bird is clearly lost...

SHIPPED FROM: The Colorado Rocky Mountains

Happy Hill Press USA





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“I felt as if I were a child when I read your words to my Grandson, and cried like a baby reading the book! Thank you so much for making my day. I’m feeling the Magic.” 

- Heidi Livingston Scott 

"It's truly lovely. The story is so powerful and more relevant than ever. But it's the mountain lion I just melt over. "

-Emma Channing

© Jacqueline Crivello 2020